The Right Building

That is what we all want, isn't it?

We can all agree that the right building is functional and expandable. It is well detailed and well constructed. It is on time and on budget.

Beyond that, the right building means something different to each group of users of the building. At DMS Architects, the right building addresses all these people’s concerns as well as all the other pieces to the puzzle. While it can seem overwhelming, we have the knowledge and experience to do it right. And we must always keep in mind that the right building has be right when it is built… and it has be right even 30 years from now.



Each client and each project is different. Some clients know exactly what they need while others know little more than the fact that the growth is coming and that they need our help.

To get the right building, we have developed the right process.

That process starts with gaining a clear understanding of our client’s needs and helping them identify the needs that they may not have even considered. The most important thing we do is something very simple. We listen.






The most powerful communication tool in our process is the program. The program is the organizational framework for documenting what the right building means to you. It is the heart of communication between us. It is the means through which you express your needs and through which we verify our understanding of those needs.

Every program for every project is as unique as the project itself. A well developed program, that is consistently updated throughout the project, drives a successful project.





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